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LOEWE-Research focus

Preventive Biomechanics - PreBionics

is a joint research project of the University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt am Main, the Goethe-University, Frankfurt am Main, the Philipps-University, Marburg, and the Bergische University, Wuppertal.

We are an interdisciplinary research group of engineers, physicians, sport scientists and biologist dealing with biomechanical characteristics of human soft tissue and its pathological changes. Additionally, the interaction between human soft tissue and medical facilities such as protheses, ortheses, stents and grafts into bone and cartilage is investigated. Furthermore, to delve into the depth of anti-decubitus systems, its interaction with human soft tissue will be investigated.

Research into the biomechanical characteristics is extraordinarily important since medical facilities are subjected to enormous mechanical strain at the site over years and decades.

To investigate supporting constructions (medical facilities) and mechanical strains of bones, cartilages and soft tissues, continuum mechanical models are used to illustrate deep tissue layers of the human soft tissue and its in vivo behavior.

The main goal is the development and improvement of sustainable methods and products of supporting structures to minimize the increasing number of people who need care. This strongly industry-related research network is working with national and international partners.